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I have developed the website to contribute (with my limitted resources) to the fight against fake news, disinformation, propaganda, indoctrination, conspiracy theories and political brainwashing - by making it really easy to access all kinds of news sources across the political spectrum and from different countries.
I believe that free and easy access to a wide variety of news sources is the best way to prevent ideological blindness and the filter bubbles of today's social media world.
A rational and respectful civic discourse is only possible if the participants have access to different points of view. Free and easy access to information is critical for enabling citizens to exercise their voice, to effectively monitor and hold governments to account, and to enter into informed dialogue about decisions which affect their lives.
I have selected English and German news sources simply because these are the languages I can understand and speak fluently. There are certainly important news sources in other languages.
I have also tried to include news source ranging from the politically far left to the far right, from liberal to conservative. If you have suggestions for additional sources to be included please send e-mail to: